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At this time, there are two membership tiers to choose from, Show Your Love and Early Access:

  • For $2.99/month, you receive a proprietary membership badge to display next to your name when you comment on a video or Community post. Each badge features my Ravenlight Logo outlined in a color specific to your time as a member. You also get exclusive use of the emojis I’ve designed. The more channel members there are, the more emojis I can make available. Right now, there are nine, among them: JawOnFloor for shock or surprise, Divine for Divine Synchronicity, YouGetMe for those of you who truly feel Seen, WarmFuzzies for sending love or to express how a video or comment made you feel, TooFunny for things that really hit your funny bone, ImCurious , and Learning . You can also use Totem and Spirit Guide . Lastly, you will receive a public “Thank you!!!” on-screen before or after every video created during your time as a member (these will occur either verbally or written on-screen, depending on the number of members).
  • For $4.99/month, you receive the membership badge, the emojis, and the public Thank You. You will also receive access to all new videos one week before they are released to the general public. Make sure you have your notifications turned on and set to "All", as notification of early access to videos will occur via Community post. Added to this, you will receive priority-response to your comments. When I am replying to comments, yours will be the first that I answer (if a reply is warranted).

If You Would Like to Offer a One-Time Financial Gift...

For legal reasons, a “gift” is here defined as follows: “Money given solely as an expression of love without anticipation of receiving anything in exchange or expectation of how it will be used.”

Thank you! I am beyond honored that you regard me and my work so highly that you feel moved to demonstrate this in tangible fashion. One-time gifts can be given through YouTube via the SuperThanks feature:

  • 1. Go to any of the videos on my YouTube Channel.
  • 2. Beneath the video, click the button.
  • 3. Choose either “$2.00”, “$5.00”, “$10.00”, or “50.00.”
  • 4. Click “Buy and Send.”
  • 5. Add a payment method to complete your purchase.
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