If You Would Like to Become a Regular Supporter of My Work and Receive Exclusive Perks . . .

You can now become a Member of my YouTube Channel! Click HERE to become a Channel Member.

Your monthly contribution will support me in redirecting my time and energy to create more new videos and books for you, taking the place of the income previously earned via sessions with new clients.

At this time, there are three membership tiers to choose from:

  • For $2.99/month, you receive a proprietary membership badge to display next to your name when you comment on a video or Community post. Each badge features my Ravenlight Logo outlined in a color specific to your time as a member. You also get exclusive use of the emojis I’ve designed. The more channel members there are, the more emojis I can make available. Right now, there are six, among them: JawOnFloor for shock or surprise, Divine for Divine Synchronicity, YouGetMe for those of you who truly feel Seen, and WarmFuzzies for sending love or to express how a video or comment made you feel. Lastly, you will receive a public “Thank you!!!” on-screen before or after every video created during your time as a member (these will occur either verbally or written on-screen, depending on the number of members).
  • For $4.99/month, you receive the membership badge, the emojis, and the public Thank You. Added to this, your video requests will truly count. I will be creating a brand new Video Request Master List, which will contain ONLY your requests and those of 3rd Tier Members. This makes it far more likely that the next video I make will be exactly the one that you most want to see.
  • For $9.99/month, you get the perks from the preceding two tiers, and you gain exclusive voting power! This is the tier you want to join if you are desperate for me to make a particular video for you. To put things in perspective, a new client receiving an Animal Totem/Spirit Guide Session to learn about their specific animal would pay a minimum of $188.00 for their first session. Most wind up paying about $250-$300. That would be over 2 years of channel membership! If you become a member of the third tier, your personal video request gets twice as much weight as those made by 2nd Tier Members. So if I were to put all the video requests in a hat, each 2nd Tier Member’s request would go into the hat once, while the 3rd Tier Member’s request would go in twice, giving it 2x as many chances to be picked. And here’s the best part in my mind: every time I’m ready to make a new video, I’ll pick 3 random animals from the Video Request Master List using the aforementioned formula, and 3rd Tier Members will get to vote on which one they want to see via a private poll just for them.

If You Would Like to Offer a One-Time Financial Gift...

For legal reasons, a “gift” is here defined as follows: “Money given solely as an expression of love without anticipation of receiving anything in exchange or expectation of how it will be used.”

My friend, thank you. I am beyond honored that you regard me and my work so highly that you feel moved to demonstrate this in tangible fashion. Gifts can be given via PayPal by:

Click HERE to visit the PayPal site.

  • 1. On your PayPal account home page, click the “Send Money” option on the “Quick Links” bar.
  • 2. In the box below the “Send Money” heading, type .
  • 3. Select my email address when it comes up.
  • 4. Type in the amount of money that you wish to gift, being sure to select the appropriate currency for your region. Please keep in mind that PayPal takes 5% of monies sent from countries outside of the U.S. (So if you gift $20.00, I receive $19.00). Where it says, “Add a note”, type “Gift.”
  • 5. Under “What’s this payment for?”, click the box that reads “Sending to a friend”.
  • 6. Review the transaction details, then click “Send”. Now you’re all done! I will receive a notification of your gift from PayPal. Thank you!!!!

Please be advised that taxation on gift-giving varies from country-to-country. As of 2021 in the United States, the IRS states that you as a giver do not have to pay taxes on gifts unless they exceed $15,000. Your country of residence may be different.