Thank you so much for stopping by! I cannot tell you much I appreciate your video requests, positive feedback, and heartfelt messages about how my work has in some way helped you heal, grow, or better understand yourself. My work is my bliss, and I love that the thing that makes me happiest is a thing that helps YOU find happiness. Of course, this is precisely how it’s supposed to be. The Universe is one smart cookie

Needless to say, I more than welcome hearing from you. If you would like to support me in creating new books, videos, and other materials for you, this is whole-heartedly welcomed, too. Exclusive perks are available to those who JOIN my YouTube Channel as an official Member. On my channel's page click JOIN next to the Subcribe button to get started.

However, I do request that you NOT contact me if your intention is to ask for my personal guidance on your specific spiritual/physical issue. I am no longer accepting new clients, and I do not offer free readings or commentary about individual spiritual experiences or mental/emotional/physical situations. However, if you make a request for a video on a general topic related to your question (a certain animal, for example, a spiritual/metaphysical concept, or an emotional or physical issue), I may make a video about it or include the information in a book, which you can then use to help yourself! See below for how to do this . Also, if you follow me on Facebook (Ravenlight Holistic Healing), I may just happen to make a post about your exact issue. You’d be surprised how often this happens.

Please select the appropriate option below to get in touch with me.

1. Send an email to with “Speaking Appearance” in the subject-line.

2. Include the name of the establishment hosting the engagement, your role in the proceedings, exactly what it is that you would like me to speak about and for how long, and the relevant wheres and whens. If this is an Online event, please include the technology I will need to use to connect with viewers. I will ask for additional information after I have considered your inquiry. My fees will depend upon the requirements of the situation.

3. Please be aware that I do not do radio interviews. This is non-negotiable.

1. Send an email to with the words “Permission to Use Your Work” in the subject line.

2. Please be aware that to represent my work as your own—in all or part—constitutes theft, and depending on the way in which you have used my work, legal action may follow. Translating one of my videos into another language and sharing the video as your own is also considered theft of my creative property, and may result in the loss of your rights on the relevant media platform. If you would like my work to be available in another language, just let me know. There are several different ways that we can make this possible.

3. In your email, please describe what it is that you would like to use—a direct quote from a book or video, or a video in its entirety, for example—and how exactly it is that you wish to use this information.

If you would like to request a video on a particular subject, the best way to do this is to pick any video on my YouTube channel and comment on it, even if it’s totally unrelated to your request . While I do not have time to answer every comment, I do read every single one! I keep track of which videos are most requested, and it is always my intention to provide you with the information that you most want to see/hear.

• First, THANK YOU. It never ceases to amaze and honor me that you guys take the time to do this.

• If you would like to share with me your personal experiences with my work, please either comment on that video on YouTube (and be sure to Like it as well!), or leave a review on or if your experience pertains to one of my books. These are the most meaningful ways that you can convey your appreciation, as they facilitate views and/or book sales, which reduces my reliance on you, my audience, as financial facilitators. I may not be able to respond to every comment and review, but I definitely read them all with profound love and gratitude (Honestly, there are some mornings when my husband has to listen to me sniffle into my coffee, I’m so overwhelmed with the warm-fuzzies).

• If the experience with my work that you wish to relate is too personal to be shared in a YouTube comment or Amazon/Barnesandnoble review, I totally get that. You may email me at to share it with me personally, but please be aware that due to the amount of email I receive, you are unlikely to receive a reply. I will privately sniffle into my morning coffee with enormous gratitude while sending a boatload of love your way, however.