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You CAN feel good again!

My name is Jordana Van, and I am here to help you feel good again. If you are frustrated by a recurring illness or chronic physical ailment, if talk-therapy has failed to help you let go of your hurts and recover your optimism, if you are anxious or depressed or confused about why you want what you do, or even if you are just feeling as though your life lacks fulfillment but are not sure how to create it, I can help you regain your balance and start loving your life again!

How Can I Help YOU?

Together, You and I Will . . .

  • Determine why you are experiencing any physical symptom or recurring condition, assist your body to improve or eliminate it altogether and help you learn how to keep it from recurring. Complete, permanent healing of ANY ailment IS possible!

  • Create a more satisfying and fulfilling relationship, career or home-situation for you. I will help you connect with the truth of who you are as a unique individual and what you genuinely need to be happy, and we will work together to help you make it a reality.

  • Reestablish your mental health. No mattered how frightened, sad, hopeless, angry, uncertain or lonely you may be, together we can help you find your way back to peace, clarity and joy.

  • Clarify what is happening in your experience at this time, whether this involves a relationship, your job or any number of other concerns. I can also provide you with guidance on how to best approach these situations to increase your likelihood of a successful outcome.

  • Work with your animal totems and spirit guides, if they have made themselves available to you. This will include a full understanding of what it means to have a particular animal as a totem and how to use this information for your benefit, as well as the messages associated with particular spirit guides and what to do about them.

Everything is energy. If you are experiencing a physical or mental issue, if you seem to find yourself in the same life-situation or relationship again and again and cannot break the cycle, and if your life never goes the way that you want, it is energy. This means that a migraine is the same as asthma is the same as cancer is the same as depression, and that all these are the same as not working in a career that you love. It's all energy, and therefore, every facet of your life can be recreated in a way that is pleasing to you. This process may not happen overnight, but together, we can begin to transform your current energetic patterns from ones of stagnation, confusion and stress to ones of harmony and wellbeing.

You are creating and re-creating your circumstances each and every moment. Isn't it time to create something new?

"The point of power is in the present moment."
― Louise Hay

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