Hello! I’m Jordana Van, and welcome to Ravenlight Holistic Healing, home of the most comprehensive animal totem and spirit guide information on the web! Each of my videos and books features a detailed interpretation of each creature’s symbolism, including how it relates to your personal emotional and spiritual growth and healing, and in many cases, specific aspects of your physical health and wellness.

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In July of 2021, I formally retired from contributing to my Facebook page (Ravenlight Holistic Healing), but I have left the page up and accessible for those who would like to explore a decade’s worth of my writing and commentary on astrology; mental, emotional, and physical healing; and creating a life that aligns with the Self you came here to be this time around. You’ll also find the occasional clip of me playing Celtic harp, a whole lot of gorgeous nature photography, spiritual (and sometimes not-so-spiritual, but just plain funny) memes, and half the Internet’s supply of silly animal videos

From every little piece of me, thank you for your enthusiasm for my work! This strange and magical job of mine is one of the greatest joys in my life, more so because it happens to help others connect to their greatest joy.

With all my love,

“Love is the bridge between you and Everything.”

- Rumi