I hope this finds each of you well and wonderful!

As of September 2022, I will no longer be seeing clients, new or otherwise, so that I can focus full-time on writing, and I wanted to take a few minutes to extend to all of you my most profound gratitude. I feel so deeply blessed to have been able to spend the past ten years working with such an extraordinary collection of individuals from all over the world, and doubly blessed that this work has been for the purpose of facilitating growth and healing. Thank you so much for your trust in sharing your stories with me, for your enthusiasm during our work together, and for the many moments of shared laughter over the years! In assisting you to grow, you've helped me grow in turn.

As for exactly what I'll be doing, many of you are familiar with my long journey to finish writing my book on wolves, currently titled Shadow Walker: The Wolf in History, Mythology, and Spirituality, which has languished simply because it is a MASSIVE project (the research alone spans over 10,000 years!) and I've not had the time to give it the focus it requires. This book is a passion-project for me, so I am overjoyed that I'll get to work on it again!

The two other books on which I've begun working are for you, and for those who wished to become clients but were not able to do so. The first is a detailed guide to doing the kind of emotional work you and I do together during sessions--identifying what we feel, giving ourselves permission to feel it, and explaining exactly what that LOOKS and FEELS like inside a human mind, heart, and body. The book contains questions to ask yourself to help you dig deeper into why it is that you feel what you do, along with numerous anecdotes that serve as teaching-examples. When we FEEL through our emotions instead of rationalizing them, burying them, or telling ourselves we should not have them, they evaporate, leaving us clear, calm, and able to trust our Higher Selves to tell us what to do, rather than agonizing over a course of action. This is also how we heal trauma.

The second book is an ailment/illness encyclopedia. I have been diligently taking notes for this text for over a decade and am SO excited to finally turn them into a book! This book will allow you to examine any ailment or illness you are experiencing, determine what emotional issues are creating it, and begin healing it.

There may also be a book devoted to ravens and an encyclopedia of animal wisdom in there somewhere, too, but I'm trying not to get ahead of myself!

Guys, I truly cannot thank you enough. I wish each and every one of you health and happiness, days filled with magic, and the fulfillment that comes with pursuing your life's purpose.

Warmest blessings always,

Jordana M. Van

Holistic Energy Healer, Metaphysical Counselor, Animal Spiritualist

Ravenlight Holistic Healing, L.L.C.

September 5, 2022