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Feel free to e-mail me at and ask! However, please note that I do not offer free readings or commentary about your spiritual experiences or current life-situations, and I am no longer accepting new clients, so if you are seeking guidance, please visit the Books & Videos Page, and select the option that best meets your need. You may also wish to peruse my Facebook page (HERE), which includes a decade’s worth of my writing about spirituality and healing.


Where do you “get” all the information for your books and videos about the spiritual wisdom of animals?

Each of my books and videos begins with a considerable amount of research into the physical, behavioral, and biological characteristics of each creature, along with an analysis of the ways in which the creature has made an appearance in global history, mythology, religion, and in some cases, pop culture. My sources include scientific journals, books, newspaper and magazine articles, posts from websites that I have determined through repeated cross-checking to be reliable, and conversations with individuals who have either worked with these creatures in rehabilitation situations (in which the animal’s wildness is preserved in order that it may return to its natural habitat) or observed them at length in the wild. For example, when preparing the video for Golden Eagle, I consulted heavily with a friend who is a wildlife photographer and was able to provide me with first-hand accounts of Golden Eagle behavior. When writing Animal Totems and Spirit Guides: The Wisdom of Owl, I visited one of our local raptor rehabilitation centers and attended a lecture featuring owls, and I spoke with two other rehab centers about specific owls and their unique qualities.

Unless a quality can be verified at least three times—i.e. at least three different recent sources give this same information—I do not use it, no matter how tempting it may be. When I was first making these videos, I discovered quite quickly that even the most reputable-seeming sources often present inaccurate information! Much of the most readily available animal research is old and badly out of date, but is still reported as current; providing the most accurate videos and books possible for you means wading through decades—sometimes centuries!—of data about these creatures and delving into scientific journals that require close reading, rather than accepting as truth the information most easily accessible Online.

Once I have a list of fact-checked qualities, I subject each of them to an in-depth metaphysical analysis. In other words, what does this quality about this unique animal represent for the human who resonates with it (or who is encountering it as a spirit guide), and why? I have been immersed in psychological and metaphysical study and symbolic interpretation my entire life, so I have quite a long list of resources to choose from, including astrology, numerology, tarot, the mind-body connection (i.e., what emotional states are related to what part of the body), the chakra system, chromotherapy, elemental wisdom, psychology, runes, mythology, archetypal symbolism, dream interpretation, and linguistics.

The last step in the process is purely intuitive. I literally put out an Ask to the Universe as to whether or not there is anything else I need to know. Sometimes nothing comes back, and I have a very strong Sense that I already have all that is needed, and it’s time to move on to transcribing everything. Other times, answers come in a host of interesting ways! The critter itself might physically stop by to visit, I might dream about it, I might stumble across information about it while reading or watching something unrelated, a client will randomly bring up their experience with it, or my uber-psychic Mama will say, “Hey, I just heard this weird thing about [some] animal. Did you know this?” out of the blue. I may also be drawn to a new book or video about the creature, usually one encountered while searching for something else, or, and most frequently, I’ll suddenly simply have a strong intuitive notion about this animal. If I can fact-check it, I will, but sometimes, I just have to trust that it’s correct, even if I can’t find anything else that supports this information.

I do not consult the works of other authors. I did this early on and found that it muddled my own interpretations; I either did not resonate with something about which the author felt strongly, and then felt pressured to include it in my own work even though it didn’t feel right, or they did not include something that had really spoken to me, and I then worried that I was wrong. For this reason, the work I do is truly unique to me.


How did you get into all of this stuff/How did you learn how to do what you do?

Please see About Jordana 


I would really like to become a client (or I am a previous client)! Are you sure you can’t squeeze me in . . . ?

At this time, my heart is asking that my time and energy be channeled into writing, and so I am not seeing clients. However, I have definitely considered the possibility that this might change in the future, even just temporarily, in which case, I would make an announcement on YouTube and Instagram. If you’re really bent on working with me, Subscribe to my YouTube Channel, become an official Channel Member (Those who have been supporting my work financially would be first in line as clients, were I ever to begin seeing them again), and/or follow my Instagram Account, and keep an eye out for updates.


How can I request a video?

At this time, I am not taking video requests.


What is your sign?

We are all far more than just our Sun sign, so knowing this alone is kind of like knowing someone’s hair color – it might help you identify them in a crowd, but it still doesn't paint a full picture of who they are. For those of you who are desperately curious, I am a Taurus. I credit my Sun and Moon in the 8th House with being one of the driving forces behind my finding myself in this line of work.


What are some of your totems?

Raven, Red-Tailed Hawk, Bear, and Snake.


Do you take students? I want to learn how to do what you do.

I do not take students.


You mention clicking a JOIN button to become a Channel Member, but I can't seem to find it. What am I doing wrong?

Probably nothing! Depending on what device you use and whether you are visiting YouTube via an Internet browser or an app, the JOIN button may not be visible. To quickly and easily reset your device to make the JOIN button visible, click HERE for device-specific directions. Don't worry - I've also included easy directions to return your device to its previous setting!